Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Vehicle Inspection in Saudi Arabia


متخصصون في فحص وبرمجة السيارات ونقدم العديد من الخدمات مثل التأمين ضد الأعطال والمساعدة على الطريق

The first step in فحص السيارات in Saudi Arabia is ensuring that all of the lights and brakes are functioning. You can ask the mechanic to test all of the lights, which may include indicators. During the inspection, you should be aware that the lights will be lit up when you're in the dark. Also, the inspector will check the brakes and carbon emission. If any of these are good, you can then proceed to the next stage, which is the Fahas.

If this is your first time applying for Fahas, you will have to pay 73 SAR. You will also need to take along your Istimara, or Iqama, as it's called in Saudi Arabia. Make sure to clean your car thoroughly before your inspection, too. It will make a better first impression. Once you've passed all of the stages, you'll receive your Fahas result paper.

The next stage of the inspection is the Fahas. The inspection officer will check the lower body of your car and the oil dripping marks on it. If it passes, you'll be given a paper that says "working properly." This will be the final step of the process. If you fail, you'll have two weeks to fix the problem, or pay 24 SAR for a re-inspection. Besides a Fahas result paper, you'll be given a certificate showing whether or not your car has been inspected for safety and emissions by the FAHAS.

The inspection in Saudi Arabia consists of four stages and will take around 10 minutes. The first inspection checks the lights and brakes. If all the lights and brakes are working, your car will be fine. The second stage inspects the tyres. If they are in good shape, you will pass. Finally, the fourth stage looks at the carbon emissions in the exhaust pipe. If everything looks okay, you'll be able to drive freely again.

The last stage of the inspection involves the lower body of your car. The inspector will check for any marks on the lower body. If you fail this examination, you'll be given a paper that says you passed the test or failed it. You'll have two weeks to repair the problems, or else you'll have to pay 24 SAR for a re-inspection. Fortunately, mechanics are readily available outside the Fahas facility.

MVPI centers are located in the capital city Riyadh. You'll need to visit these centers every year to maintain your vehicle's safety. They'll check the car's body and chassis to ensure it's in good shape. The MVPI center will also check the vehicle's body number, which consists of 17 digits. Once you've passed the inspection, you'll get a certificate for your car.

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